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US-2015343930-A1: Vehicle seats patent, US-2016346984-A1: Side feeder with rearwards ventilation patent, US-2015355946-A1: “Systems of System” and method for Virtualization and Cloud Computing System patent, US-2015260496-A1: Non-energetics based detonator patent, US-2017036524-A1: Vehicle panel structure patent, US-3654459-A: Controlled atmosphere chamber for treating products with ionizing radiation patent, US-2015103892-A1: Quantization matrix compression in video coding patent, US-2015271063-A1: Handling of Information Related to Off-Line Base Stations patent, US-2015341106-A1: Relay within single user, multiple user, multiple access, and/or MIMO wireless communications patent, US-2015382277-A1: Operating a base station of a radio access network patent, US-2016085390-A1: Array of documents with graphical links to geographical positions patent, US-2016154856-A1: Digital communications interface and graphical user interface patent, US-2016259528-A1: Devices, Methods, and Graphical User Interfaces for Manipulating User Interface Objects with Visual and/or Haptic Feedback patent, US-2016277361-A1: Control method and device for controlling authenticity of codes resulting from application of a bijective algorithm to messages patent, US-2016283444-A1: Human input to relate separate scanned objects patent, US-2016297096-A1: Scattering head, process and panel patent, US-2016324530-A1: Bone fragment and tissue harvesting system patent, US-2016351693-A1: Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-2016358512-A1: Training Utensil for Utensil Handling Practice patent, US-2016368442-A1: Birds beak bracket system patent, US-2017022670-A1: Sanitary Tissue Products patent, US-2017022682-A1: Thermal Barrier for Building Foundation Slab patent, US-2017028434-A1: Systems and methods for additively manufacturing composite parts patent, US-2017042334-A1: Activating platform patent, US-2017045475-A1: Nanogap structure for micro/nanofluidic systems formed by sacrificial sidewalls patent, US-2017131286-A1: Functionalized gold nanoparticles and methods thereof patent, US-2017238671-A1: Device comprising a screen comprising a celluar material patent, US-2017277825-A1: Unmanned aircraft systems and methods of assembly patent, US-2017297432-A1: Vehicle system and control method therefor patent, US-2017299325-A1: Firearm buffer system and buttstock assembly patent, US-2017318828-A1: Whey protein-based, high protein, yoghurt-like product, ingredient suitable for its production, and method of production patent, US-2017357120-A1: Display device and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2017358939-A1: Supplemental batteries for electronic devices patent, US-2018000121-A1: Beetle powder patent, US-2018001232-A1: Device for producing wet granulated substance for electrode and method of producing the same patent, US-2018005498-A1: Security systems for containers patent, US-2018006085-A1: Semiconductor memory device and method for fabricating the same patent, US-2018017591-A1: Air data probe with turbulence-producing geometry patent, US-2018024927-A1: Data storage device and data processing system having the same patent, US-2015216049-A1: Wiring board and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-2016000054-A1: HUMAN-DERIVED MUTANTS OF THE dSOD1 GENE IN DROSOPHILA AND METHODS OF MAKING AND USING patent, US-2016122195-A1: A sol-gel process for synthesis of nanocrystalline oxides patent, US-2017315666-A1: Touch panel patent, US-2015096975-A1: Heating device patent, US-2015133504-A1: Pharmaceutical compositions for direct systemic introduction patent, US-2015180409-A1: System for producing a system clock and temperature gradient detection system patent, US-2015249813-A1: Methods and apparatus for streaming content patent, US-2016024630-A1: Methods and apparatus for forming bulk metallic glass parts using an amorphous coated mold to reduce crystallization patent, US-2017013178-A1: 3d camera assembly having a bracket for cameras and mobile terminal having the same patent, US-2017046609-A1: Computing device with nfc and active load modulation patent, US-2015062009-A1: Information processing apparatus, method, and program patent, US-2015361754-A1: Shape memory alloy powered hydraulic accumulator patent, US-2016063274-A1: Data Processing Device with Light Indicator Unit patent, US-2016151261-A1: Stable cosmetic composition containing a monoglyceride, a tartaric ester of monoglyceride, and a coated filler patent, US-2016329277-A1: Switched-capacitor dc-to-dc converters patent, US-2017149633-A1: Estimation of power consumption of individual websites patent, US-2017359800-A1: Paging method, paging device, and paging system patent, US-2015212889-A1: Techniques for serving archived electronic mail patent, US-2015278130-A1: Completion notification for a storage device patent, US-2015289815-A1: Apparatus and method for intravascular measurements patent, US-2016089095-A1: System and Method for Generating a Time-encoded Blood Flow Image from an Arbitrary Projection patent, US-2017003504-A1: Diffractive optical elements with graded edges patent, US-2017017076-A1: Optical system comprising a spatial light modulator patent, US-2017162476-A1: Connector block with two sorts of through connections, and electronic device comprising a connector block patent, US-2015365916-A1: Determining paging frames in a wireless network patent, US-2016153840-A1: Inverter and ring oscillator with high temperature sensitivity patent, US-2016339183-A1: Injector for bone regeneration patent, US-2017317500-A1: System and method of sensing and isolating a ground fault in a dc-to-ac power conversion system patent, US-2015323831-A1: Flipped Panel Displays with Black Column Spacers patent, US-2015126393-A1: Nanostructured arrays on flexible polymer films patent, US-2016022246-A1: Head Frame with Integrated Pressure Chamber for Non-Invasive Intracranial Pressure Measurements patent, US-2016373454-A1: Systems and methods for providing content to verified entities patent, US-2016330870-A1: Modular application of peripheral panels as expansion sleeves and cable management components within a rack-based information handling system patent, US-2017159090-A1: Compositions for Producing Glucose Syrups patent, US-2016319595-A1: Coil brush curtain assembly patent, US-2015106832-A1: Content playback device and mobile terminal patent, US-2015099744-A1: Combinations of histone deacetylase inhibitors and either her2 inhibitors or pi3k inhibitors patent, US-2016090859-A1: Gas turbine engine and a method of washing a gas turbine engine patent, US-3490707-A: Strand or yarn forming winder patent, US-3647977-A: Multiplexer patent, US-2015094186-A1: Transmission apparatus patent, US-2015179281-A1: Data retention error detection system patent, US-2015189257-A1: Electronic device and method for controlling the same patent, US-2015194713-A1: Energy Storage System Preventing Self from Overheating, a Method for Preventing Energy Storage System from Overheating and a Method for Forming A Heat Dissipation Coating on Energy Storage System patent, US-2015229007-A1: Battery module including led element on pcb patent, US-2015238651-A1: Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Compositions Containing Plant and Animal Butters patent, US-2015271900-A1: Control apparatus and related methods patent, US-2015298285-A1: Multilayer polishing pad patent, US-2015302087-A1: Object Information Derived From Object Images patent, US-2015323715-A1: Method for manufacturing a color filter, and a color filter patent, US-2015345131-A9: Acoustic panel, partition, and system patent, US-2016000230-A1: Personal posture correction apparatus patent, US-2016042430-A1: Recommending medical applications based on a physician-patient encounter patent, US-2016051275-A1: Reconfigurable electrosurgical device patent, US-2016054493-A1: Polarizing plate, liquid crystal display device having the same, and method of manufacturing polarizing plate patent, US-2016071879-A1: Memory device patent, US-2016098134-A1: Display Device Having Touch Panel patent, US-2016117624-A1: Intelligent meeting enhancement system patent, US-2016141635-A1: Flat member for fuel cell and method for manufacturing flat member patent, US-2016146004-A1: Systems and Methods for Reservoir Evaluation patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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