Electrode paint, composite particle, electrode and electrochemical element



<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide electrode paint for producing composite particles where a conductive assistant is applied uniformly to the surface of an active substance with high productivity by dispersing the conductive assistant, as desired, into solvent, composite particles employing it, an electrode having an electrode layer formed of such composite particles, and an electrochemical element having such an electrode. <P>SOLUTION: The electrode paint contains a binding agent, a conductive assistant, at least one kind of polymer selected from a group of polycarboxylic acid based polymers and acryl based polymers, and a solvent, composite particles produced by spraying the electrode paint to an active substance subjected to rolling fluidization and applying the conductive assistant to the surface of the active substance, an electrode having an electrode layer formed of such composite particles, and an electrochemical element having such an electrode. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2006,JPO&NCIPI
【課題】 溶媒に導電助剤を所望のように分散させることによって、高い生産性をもって、活物質の表面に導電助剤が均一に付着した複合化粒子を製造することができる電極塗料、それを用いた複合化粒子、かかる複合化粒子によって形成された電極層を有する電極、ならびに、かかる電極を備えた電気化学素子を提供する。 【解決手段】 結着剤と、導電助剤と、ポリカルボン酸系重合体およびアクリル系重合体よりなる群から選択される少なくとも一種の重合体と、溶媒とを含む電極塗料、かかる電極塗料を、転動流動させた活物質に、噴霧して、活物質の表面に導電助剤を付着させた複合化粒子、かかる複合化粒子によって形成された電極層を有する電極、ならびに、かかる電極を備えた電気化学素子。 【選択図】 図2




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